Alabama White Sauce Recipe

Alabama White Sauce Recipe. It is tangy, it is peppery, and it is good. This stuff is amazing and a fantastic change from typical vinegar/tomato puree or ketchup based barbecue sauces.

Alabama White Sauce – Hanks True BBQ™ (Fannie Murphy)

This white-hot American barbecue sauce is added and made with real mayonnaise used for meat and seafood and great for grilling and basting. This mayo-based Alabama white bbq sauce is just as enticing as any of its tomato-based counterparts. This Alabama white sauce recipe should be applied only at the very end of your grilling or smoking because it will break down and separate if it is heated too long.

Our recipe is loosely based on the version chef Sean Brock serves at his restaurant Husk in Charleston, South.

But you really have to try this sauce with some smoked wings.

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When most people think of BBQ sauce, they think of sweet tomato or ketchup based sauces. It's delicious on grilled chicken, pulled pork, fish, burgers, and lots more! Transfer the wings to a mixing bowl and toss with barbecue Buffalo sauce.

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